what we do


At Obras, we work to provide our partners with inclusive solutions for their external design requirements. Our comprehensive range includes high-quality products which also serve as a protective shield for exterior spectra even in our harsh desert climate, thus increasing the shelf-life of the facades. Our products bestow a robust and elegant touch to the more common dull facades that will help your structure stand out and offer a more desirable return on investment. 


  1. Equitone Fiber Cement Façade Material
  2. Parklex Prodema Wood Cladding
  3. SVK Fiber Cement Façade Material
  4. Xyltech WPC Decking
  5. WOODN WPC Cladding And Decking


Our comprehensive line of interiors products will offer you a large selection of options coupled with the expertise and support of our team. Our unique designs and high-quality products will reshape your internal space and add a touch of refinement to your interiors further extending the practicality and functionality of any space.


  1. Equitone Fiber Cement Material
  2. Parklex Prodema Wood Cladding
  3. WOODN WPC Cladding


For effective and aesthetic sound solutions, our line of acoustic and decorative panels offer a wide range of materials and finishes for walls and dropped ceilings to meet each project’s requirements. These panels are specifically designed and rigorously tested to offer a high degree of sound absorption. Our acoustic panel experts and architects will help you carefully select decorative finishes that are both functional and durable.


  1. Decustik Wood Acoustic Panels