EQUITONE as a material was created and designed by architects and for architects.

Equitone is a through-colored natural material, conveying an authentic texture and color. EQUITONE reveal the raw texture of the fiber cement base material. And it can be made in any size or shape in the workshop or on-site, it can be drilled or calligraphed. It allows you to design a range of different possibilities and visions assuring a firm, and uniform details in any design.

Architects and contractors have complete confidence in this material and they favor it because EQUITONE panels are flat, and easy manageable, they can be used as a Brise Soleil, shading, or any architectural feature in a building.

And they are known by their exceptional physical characteristics and durability.

A long life span with a wide range of unmatched design versatility and flexibility, which makes it suitable for a wide range of construction designs, creating a high level of quality and perfection in every project.

Not to forget that it ia environmentally friendly, graffiti, scratch, and impact resistant and it can be perforated and embossed. Allowing you to execute impeccable, and elaborate designs.