Types Of Decking Material You Can Use In Your Property

If you are keen on all materials that are used or will use in renovating your house, it only means you want what’s best for your home.

With that being said, you can also try putting decks around our home. A deck is typically built outdoors – it gives support to the weight of your entire home and is constructed to expand the living area of a person. It’s often constructed a few feet up from the ground.

Decks can be made from different kinds of materials – ranging from redwood, cedar, WPC decking, and many others.

Here are the different types of decking materials:

Redwood and Cedar
These two offer a great deal of durability and are resistant to insects, decay, and fire. Both are easy to seal and to paint – no matter what you do it, redwood will absorb any type of finish, giving it a sleek look even after 20 years.

Pressure Treated Wood
If you are living in a place with high humidity, the perfect material for you is the pressure treated wood. The treated wood makes it resistant to insects, swelling, wrapping and splitting. If maintained properly, this kind of deck can actually last up to 30 years!

If you are considering an upper deck, you might as well opt for a metal deck first. Metal decks can be manufactured in different colors – it’s also perfect for those who have spacious decking spans.

With metal-based decks, however, it is recommended if you wash the surface at least once a month to avoid ponding. Due to temperature conditions, the metal can be affected minimally – but still, it will last longer than any type of decking material.

WPC Decking
WPC or Wood and Plastic Composite material has been a team player over the last decade – homeowners have preferred WPC because it’s not only durable but elegant as well. It does not rot, splinter or shrinks like any other kind of wood. Also, your trusted WPC decking suppliers in Dubai can give you manufactured WPC decks with different colors and textures as well. WPC-based decks are easy to clean and paint.

If you are planning to have your own deck soon for your home, the aforementioned types of decking materials can be your top 4 choices. And if you are looking for a provider of those, we, Obras International, are your right choice!

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