Wall cladding is a relevant application in the construction industry today. For building owners and architectural consultants, choosing the best cladding materials is one of the key factors that provide long term value to your money.

But the question is, how to choose the right products? We write down Top 5 Major things to consider in choosing the right innovative and efficient cladding materials:

Products that provide a maintenance-free lifetime are go-go materials. Saving an expense for monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance will provide a big difference on a life cycle cost of any building, commercial or residential construction.

Considering the extreme weather conditions of any site location, only engineered products can comply for the same. Deep understanding of the environmental demand, the product composition should be durable enough to withstand extreme heat, it should be sandstorm protected, humidity resistant in order to last for a lifetime.

Not only does it give protection to a structure but it gives palpable enhancement on the exterior design. There is a variety of styles, colors, textures, and finishes that a client can choose from. The client will have the ability to choose how the exterior would look like, with the guidance of the designers. The aesthetic value of the structure will improve.

When it comes to cladding, the details made are intricate. The finishes are guaranteed to depict flawlessness and creativity. Working with the best cladding supplier in Dubai assures that you will have an appealing exterior which flaunts sophisticated and detailed designs.

Your chosen provider of cladding must be passionate enough in what they do – in this way, you can guarantee that they will be able to accomplish and execute cladding in a professional way that meets the building design requirements.

We, at Obras International, thru years of experience and numerous executed projects from various areas with different and extreme climate condition covering a different project types, material, and design demand, we guarantee our level of expertise and exceed the client satisfaction to deliver required jobs. We provide vast lists of high-quality products  for different application such as wall/ceiling cladding for an external and internal application which can be fiber cement panel or using the natural wood product, wood and WPC decking, acoustic panel, louver and pergolas which can be back up thru lists of project references in the Middle East.

Our reputation is built thru trust that we always deliver the best. For more technical assistance and details, we’re just one call away – we’re always ready to heed your requirements and demands.



As a prominent cladding supplier in Dubai, we, Obras International, are guaranteed to make your structure look better and be more sturdy through cladding.