The 5 Major Advantages of Cladding In Structures

The cladding is a relevant application in the construction industry today. This procedure is technically the coating of a structure to make it look better and be stronger. If you are a building owner and you want to apply to clad in your establishment, you have to choose the best cladding supplier in the UAE.

And at Obras International, we don’t only offer cladding solutions but Flooring, Veneer Applications, Façade, and many others as well. If it’s for external or internal designs, our professional team can help you with it. The level of expertise that we have in these kinds of solutions is already guaranteed. Our satisfied clients can attest to the job well done that our team accomplished professionally. Our Obras projects are our pride and glory – we have already applied cladding solutions to numerous clients all over the UAE.

But if you want to know first what the benefits of cladding are, we’ll tell you:

1- Maintenance-Free Lifetime

Cladding can make you seldom wash and maintain your structure. Since this kind of finishing is already made up of PVC, it can actually live long without too much maintenance. It has long-lasting resilience and durability. The maintenance-free quality of the cladding can last for a lifetime.

2- Protection

The materials that make up cladding is mechanically strong. The reason why it‘s used in construction is because of its incomparable strength and durability; thus, giving better protection to a structure. If it’s rain, mold, humidity or strong winds, a structure will be protected if it has cladding.

3- Design Adaptation

Not only does it give protection to a structure but it gives palpable enhancement on the exterior design. There is a variety of styles, colors, textures, and finishes that a client can choose from. The client will have the ability to choose how the exterior would look like, with the guidance of the designers. The aesthetic value of the structure will improve.

4- Detail-Oriented

When it comes to cladding, the details made are intricate. The finishes are guaranteed to depict flawlessness and creativity. Working with the best cladding supplier in Dubai assures that you will have an appealing exterior which flaunts sophisticated and detailed designs.

5- Passionate

Your chosen provider of cladding must be passionate enough in what they do – in this way, you can guarantee that they will be able to accomplish and execute cladding in a professional way.

And as a prominent cladding supplier in Dubai, we, Obras International are going to make sure that your cladding will be applied appropriately and your structure will be safe from any unforeseen damages.

We provide solutions for internal and external designs using high-quality products. If you want to make your home look and feel vibrant, we’re just one call away – were always ready to heed your requirements and demands.



As a prominent cladding supplier in Dubai, we, Obras International, are guaranteed to make your structure look better and be more sturdy through cladding.