Parklex Prodema decorative wood veneer cladding panels, which are manufactured in Spain, offer a smooth surface with natural warm wood grain finishes. Arguably, since Parklex Prodema facades are produced using a natural wood veneer, each panel has variations in pattern and slight color differences and have several benefits which are:


1.Inside Out

The most impressive natural wood veneer finishes from Parklex Prodema, in which each panel is subject to a different production process, can be used for a number of applications including ventilated facades, flooring, ceilings; to name a few and due to the flexible nature of wood, the panels can also be used on curved walls. Additionally, Parklex Prodema facades are available for both internal and external use. External Parklex Prodema façade panels are protected against varying weather conditions, therefore eliminating the need for any maintenance or treatments, while the Internal range of Parklex Prodema panels means surfaces such as ceilings, walls, and flooring for dry and wet zones like bathrooms, saunas and swimming pools which all can be given the high end Parklex Prodema finish.


Since the beauty of wood naturally enhances any building, Parklex Prodema can beautify any space likewise:

Parklex Prodema’s wood products for interior and exterior cladding add natural aesthetic appeal to the architecture and interior decor of any project, bringing them to life with beauty, elegance and style.
Parklex Prodema is a high-end, maintenance-free, natural wood veneer cladding, delivering personality, beauty and quality to architectural projects around the world.
As the global leading construction product for eco-friendly yet highly durable panels, Parklex Prodema has an ISO14006 certification in Eco-design, offering a wood veneer finish that will take the architecture and interior decoration of any building to the next level.


Parklex Prodema panels use characteristics of real wood in order:

To produce a natural color and grain variation
To create a warmth and depth that cannot be achieved with synthetic alternatives.
To be used across all aspects of a project, in a range of different ways, including humid and dry environments, flooring and walls, as well as external and internal use.
To be used in a wide range of natural wood finishes and versatile mounting systems, including Concealed, Exposed, Louvers, Clapboard Facades and Curved Façades that are available in a number of different natural timber finishes.


Parklex Prodema panels are maintenance-free for:

Parklex Prodema panels are created with a clear and highly resistant PVDF outer film over the natural timber veneer.
Each Parklex Prodema panel is treated with synthetic resin and an exterior PVDF film.
This UV-resistant PVDF film protects the panels from all weather conditions and external elements such as wind, sun and rain, while requiring minimal maintenance.
The PVDF exterior is also anti-graffiti and non-stick, which protects the panel from organic matter and reduces the buildup of dust and dirt from air pollution.
This eliminates the need for maintenance or recoating, which is usually required with other wood products.
This protects it from outside exposure and provides a timber finish facade which is totally maintenance free.

Durablele and Resistant
Aside from being highly resistant to impact, fire and exposure to direct sunlight, Parklex Prodema’s panels are also a highly flexible natural wood laminate that are designed for raised access floors, high-traffic commercial spaces and dry environments. Accordingly, these Parklex Prodema are:

Maintenance-free natural wood veneer
Tested durability to AS1530.3
Sourced from sustainably and managed PEFC certified forests – this PEFC certification seal guarantees that these wood boards have been made with raw materials of forest origin managed in a socially and environmentally responsible way.
The environmental impact of Parklex Prodema panels is measured through their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the product is carried out in order to create its EPD.
The components used to treat the wood and the overlays added on top guarantee the durability of Parklex Prodema products and ensure they are maintenance-free. Accordingly, they are:
Impact and scratch resistant
Ever-look technology
Water, sun and moisture resistant
Serve for long term performance
Antibacterial surface upon request
Sound absorption
Complete installation system
10-year warranty
ISO14006 certification in Eco-design

Ultimately, the appropriate cladding material to use depends on the orientation of your building and surrounding environment, whether it’s located in the city, beach, and the façade itself. Speaking to an architect and designer will play an important role in correct material selection as they’ll know the constraints of the materials and requirements.

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