Ideal Building Solution

Nowadays, if constructing your ideal home or purchasing a renovated one you need to ensure it having the perfect balance of high performance and high design, and offering as well durability and safety without sacrificing visual appeal. However, SVK Fiber Cement Façade solution achieves all that for you and when it comes to constructing or renovating structures both large and small, SVK delivers the ideal building solution for creating inspirational facades. The following are what SVK as a Fiber Cement Façade solution can achieve for you:

1. Decorative Finish

SVK Fiber Cement Façades collection achieves a decorative finish likewise:

SVK fiber cement cladding panels are manufactured from a mixture of Portland cement, reinforcement fibers, additives and water, which is built up in thin layers and compressed to create sheets which are left to dry and harden before being painted or coated.

The SVK Fiber Cement Façades collection features eight decorative panel ranges:

o Puro Plus

o Deco board Classic

o Deco board Pure

o Ornimat

o Color mat Classic

o Color mat Scripto

o Color mat Bando Classic

o Color mat Bando Scripto

Across these ranges, precision-engineered fiber cement cladding panels are available in a spectrum of bright and neutral shades and a variety of textures, linear patterns, slatted effects and replications of natural stone.

These design options can be used in isolation or in combination to create stunning facades for any design scheme.

2. Façade Fire Performance

Fire performance is a major consideration when selecting a façade system for new build or retrofit projects for:

UK Building Regulations demand that only fire rated cladding is installed on buildings above 18 meters in height (or 11 meters in Scotland).

Cladding products are subjected to rigorous testing to achieve their fire rating, comparing ignitability, smoke production and heat release amongst other criteria.

Fiber cement as a material will not fuel a fire within a building or ignite when exposed to flames.

Under the BS EN 13501-1 standard, SVK fiber cement façade panels achieve a Euro class fire rating of A2 s1, d0. Breaking down this classification: o “A2” means that the product is non-combustible, o “s1” signifies that little or no smoke is created,

o with “d0” indicating that no flaming droplets or particles are produced.

o An A2 rating is an industry standard for high quality cladding products in the market.

3. Third-Party Accreditation

SVK panels that can be freshened up with water and the option of a mild detergent, where no specialist chemicals or processes required has a third-party accreditation likewise:

The SVK fiber cement façade solution has also been independently accredited by the third-party Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT), who perform testing for weather tightness, impact resistance and more at their certified facility where they replicate the most extreme conditions that can be inflicted on buildings.

The SVK range also conforms to the BS EN 12467 standard for Fiber Cement Flat Sheets – Product Specification and Tests, as well as meeting the performance criteria of a European Technical Assessment (ETA14/0284).

As a façade product with longevity and durability, SVK fiber cement panels hold a 30-year design life guarantee, with no risk of shrinkage, warping and cracking once installed.

Another cost-saving benefit of the solution is that it is very low maintenance, with in-built resistance to mold, rot and bacteria. Colorfast, UV resistant and hydrophobic coatings can be applied to fiber cement to offer additional protection against weather and pollution.

4. Quick and Efficient Installation

SVK fiber cement facade panels offer endless possibilities likewise:

Lightweight but strong, SVK façade panels can be installed quickly, efficiently and safely on to a wide range of substrates as an outer skin, typically fitted on to a timber or aluminum sub-frame using rivets, screws or adhesive bonding system.

In the current climate, where cladding specification is under a microscope, architects, specifiers, contractors and their clients can have confidence in the performance of SVK fiber cement façades.

With unlimited creative potential embodied in an easy-to-use product, the industry has the opportunity to create inspiring, unique and memorable external façades that enrich the built environment.

SVK fiber cement slates combine the look of natural slates with the top quality of fiber cement and are suitable for both roof and wall cladding.

5. Extensive Range

Thanks to the extensive range of standard colors, each project is transformed into a colorful spectacle where creativity knows no bounds likewise:

SVK’s own paint department ensures the use of high-quality paint during the production process.

For the Ornimat and Deco board facade panels, in addition to the standard colors, we can also prepare almost all RAL and NCS colors for projects from 150m².

In addition, the facade panels can be sawn into almost any shape and shapes can be milled out so that you can design the pattern for your wall yourself.

Thanks to these personalization possibilities, you can draw even more attention to your project.

6. Installation to Your Requirements

SVK fiber cement slates are manufactured to be installed according to your requirements likewise:

SVK fiber cement facade panels can be fixed using no fewer than 4 different high-quality and durable techniques.

SVK facade panels are always installed in a ventilated way so that constant air circulation is possible.

This ensures that the cladding panels can dry out more quickly in rainy weather and that overheating is avoided during the summer.

By using these techniques, you not only give your facade breathing space but you also protect the original facade behind and the isolation present.

7. Added Value

SVK fiber cement slates are manufactured with an added value for your renovation project likewise:

Thanks to the limited thickness of our facade panels (8 mm), you can choose to insulate the wall even more in order to save on energy costs.

Facade cladding is very suitable for the renovation of a facade that often cannot be extended too far because of the building lines.

Facade panels from SVK are easy to combine with existing elements.

This makes it easy to rearrange windows and doors without this being noticeable from the outside.

8. About SVK

SVK facade panels are manufactured using only the best raw materials and fibers likewise:

SVK fiber cement facade panels are double-pressed during the production process and this pressing also ensures extra strength and hardness for manufactured products, so that these materials can take a hit.

SVK fiber cement facade panels are moss-resistant finishing layers and low-maintenance façade panels

For complete creative freedom, bespoke fiber cement panels in almost any RAL color can also be manufactured for orders over 50m².

SVK fiber cement slates combine the look of natural slates with the top quality of fiber cement and are suitable for both roof and wall cladding.

Ultimately, the appropriate cladding material to use depends on the orientation of your building and surrounding environment, whether it’s located in the city, beach, and the façade itself. Speaking to an architect and designer will play an important role in correct material selection as they’ll know the constraints of the materials and requirements.

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