Fiber Cement Siding Consideration Reasons

Well, if you are Midwest or the like area residents then you are destined and designed to stand up to
harsh winters or severe climate conditions, so your siding should be too. However, choosing which type
of siding to put on your home or business is a big decision, accordingly always consider making the
choice that will look great and last long and make your next siding replacement your last. The following
are the reasons why you should consider fiber cement siding as your next, last and best house siding
replacement and these are:
1. Durability
Fiber cement siding is specifically engineered to last in the most extreme conditions, including the
freezing atmosphere found in the Midwest and the extremely hot and dry weather found in the
Gulf for:

Over time, after repeated exposure to harsh climates, wood siding has a tendency to
crack and expand.
 Fiber cement siding, on the other hand, has been designed to resist the elements so that
you can breathe easy knowing your siding is maintenance-free.
There’s also a good chance that you’ve driven by homes with vinyl siding after one of our
occasional hailstorms.
The holes in the siding speak for themselves, for hail is no match for the durability of fiber
cement siding.
2. Performance
Fiber cement siding is built to last in situations you may not even think about day to day for:
 For one, it’s moisture and rot resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about high-cost
repairs in the future.
 Additionally, pesky birds and insects don’t like fiber cement, so they’ll leave your home
 Finally, fiber cement siding is fire resistant especially to the extremely hot and dry
weather found in the Gulf.
 “Fiber cement siding will not ignite when exposed to a direct flame, nor will it contribute
fuel to a fire,” so if your worst nightmare strikes, your siding will be ready.

3. Fire-resistant
No matter how much you want to prevent hazards in your house, you cannot make it 100% fir-
proof. But:
 You can certainly improve the fire resistance of your home exterior by choosing the right
exterior cladding.
Some materials are less combustible than others.
When it comes to the fire-resistant exterior, there is no match for fiber cement boards.
As the name suggested, fiber cement exterior is made with cement, sand, and wood fiber
and most of these fiber cement claddings own a class A fire-resistant rating.

4. Damage Preventer
Keep in mind that this fiber cement cladding is not 100% fire-resistant, and it still can catch fire.
It takes much more time for a fiber cement siding to get on fire in comparison with wood
or vinyl, for example.
On top of that, it takes several hours of constant heat for a fiber cement exterior to
eltdown completely.
Both of these features give the house owner time to call firefighters before irreversible
damage has been done.
You would need to check the product description first, as the guarantee differs from
brand to brand.

5. Aesthetics
Give your home or business a classic aesthetic with fiber cement siding’s wood look and feel for:
Fiber cement won’t crack or peel from the elements, so your wood look will be maintained
much longer.
Their ColorPlus® Technology resists fading over time and gives you a wide range of
beautiful colors.
This coupled with the fact that fiber cement siding, “is over five times thicker than vinyl.”
Which means your siding will look how you want it to long into the future.

6. Other Reasons
For your home remodeling, siding installation and siding replacement you will never find better
than fiber cement siding installed for you by siding contractors for:
Even though the fiber cement is fire-resistant, this does not have any adverse effect on
It has an expected lifetime of 50 years.

It is user-friendly, and water and weather-resistant.

 As Midwest or the like climate or Gulf residents to receive more information and get a
free estimate to replace your siding, soffits, and fascia, contact the experienced
professionals and assure making your construction an A star with the right cut and
installation with a special mask.

Ultimately, the appropriate cladding material to use depends on the orientation of your building and
surrounding environment, whether it’s located in the city, beach, and the façade itself. Speaking to an
architect and designer will play an important role in correct material selection as they’ll know the
constraints of the materials and requirements.
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