Starting thinking about building your dream home or adding an addition to an existing house and haven’t yet decided on the superior siding choice for your home and whether fiber cement siding is the right choice or the best replacement for your existing siding, siding replacement with fiber-cement siding is a significant investment for there are many advantages modern fiber-cement siding has to offer and the following is a list of the benefits of fiber-cement siding and these are:

Best Siding Solution
Knowing that there is no such thing as one perfect siding material and every siding has pros and cons, considering your house type and location, plus so much more you will be tempted to get familiar with fiber-cement siding as the best siding choice for your house for:

Cement siding products, features, offers, warranties is what coincides with your wants and needs, expectations, aesthetics, and budget.
Fiber cement siding can protect your house better than any other sidings.
Your siding choice depends on several factors and all these factors should be weighed carefully against fiber-cement siding benefits.
Fiber cement siding conveys aesthetics, or the look you’re trying to achieve.
Fiber cement siding harmonizes with the area, neighborhood and surroundings
Fiber cement siding strengthens structure and building materials of property
Fiber cement siding protects your investment and your home
Fiber cement siding is budget friendly
It takes just a short time to research fiber-cement products and assess their convenience.
Upside Option
When making a decision about your home and choosing one specific type of house siding, include this upside option for:

In recent years, it has been recorded that most people are choosing James Hardy which is a fiber cement siding for their home because stucco siding has a lot of downsides.
The leading fiber cement products come from the international-known brand, James Hardie – and yes it’s true, this brand comes with over 130 years of experience!
These products stand out in the market today, because they’ve earned their reputation thanks to the many advantages and innovations their James Hardie represents.
Although many are familiar with James Hardie products and can easily spot them when they see them, some might not know exactly what fiber cement siding is or why it’s a beneficial building material to use.
So, the purpose here isn’t to persuade you to choose one specific type of house siding, but it’s to provide you with information regarding fiber-cement siding, so that you can include this option when making a decision about your home.
Prevents Mold
Fiber cement siding is created to withstand mold for:

If water penetrates your home, then it can cause wood rot and molds.
Mold is usually the result of moisture that the siding lets penetrate.
When the siding lets mildew accumulate in the interior of the home, it forms mold, which further often leads to black mold infestation.
This can cause serious health problems for you and your family.
Fiber cement sidings keep your home from having any issues like this.
Prevents Cracks
Fiber cement siding is created to withstand cracks for:

The most common problem that everyone has faced with Stucco siding is moisture.
Cities that have humid summers are not the ideal place for Stucco siding, and it can create massive damage to houses that have these sidings.
Another massive problem with Stucco siding is it can create cracks.
Cracks are sometimes invisible to our eyes but are big enough to let water and insects in.
Any small crack will keep growing and create more significant problems for you.
The fiber cement sidings are suitable for these places as it keeps the moisture out.
It’s Durable
Fiber cement siding is created to withstand harsh conditions for:

It protects your investment and your home against moisture and rot.
It is strong and resistant.
Fiber cement siding being a composite of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers, it outlasts most of its competitors, often by decades.
It is resistant to many hazards, such as fire, heat, hail, UV exposure, snow, humidity, wind, rain and insects.
It’s Specified for Different Climates
Fiber cement siding is created to withstand different climates for:

It’s recommended in all regions.
It’s ideal in hot and humid climates, such as the Midwest and the Gulf region.
No matter how humid the weather, it will not rot.
It makes a great choice for tornado and hurricane prone areas, where wind-blown objects and excessive gusts are simply absorbed.
Minimal Maintenance is Required
Fiber cement siding is created with minimal maintenance required for:

Each year, more homeowners consider green building materials in combination with style, affordability, and durability.
One product that’s been rising above the rest is fiber cement siding.
With improved modern manufacturing methods, this has increased popularity, availability, as well as style choices available to homeowners.
The only maintenance needed is the application of caulk along the fiber cement edges every few years.
It’s Versatile in Style
Fiber cement siding is created with versatility in style for:

It easily matches different textures, such as wood grain, and stucco.
There are plenty of options in color, shape and installation.
It can be mixed-and-matched within the same project, or as an add-on to create a totally unique look.
It Offers a 30-year or More Warranty
Fiber cement siding is created with warranty for:

With fiber cement siding, there are many warranty options.
With fiber cement siding, the 30-year limited warranty may outlast your average siding by 10 to 15 years.
With fiber-cement siding, you may likely never need to re-side your home during your lifetime.
It Provides Energy Efficiency
Fiber cement siding is created energy efficient for:

As an entire installed system, it provides great thermal resistance, or prevention of heat transfer.
Installing fiber-cement siding (along with upgrading windows and doors) should provide significant utility bill savings.
Ultimately, the appropriate cladding material to use depends on the orientation of your building and surrounding environment, whether it’s located in the city, beach, and the façade itself. Speaking to an architect and designer will play an important role in correct material selection as they’ll know the constraints of the materials and requirements.

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