Undoubtedly many people nowadays spend plenty of time researching options in order to find just the
right exterior siding for their home or commercial building, for the exterior of your home or building is just
as important as its foundation or its interiors and sometimes even more! While house siding used to only
be viewed as a tool to protect and reinforce your home, design experts are now looking to high-quality
sidings, such as prefinished wood siding and fiber cement siding, to add that extra aesthetic appeal. For
those looking for unique ideas for house siding that will help you create a lasting, durable, and beautiful
look for your home, take a look at the suggestions below for some inspiration and these are:
1. Prefinished Wood Siding
When you select prefinished wood siding as your exterior siding, you’ll have a wide variety of
options to choose from when it comes to improving the look of your home for:
 Adding things like textures, definition, and color can be essential to creating an
impressive exterior for your home.
 Whether you use exterior siding to highlight your entryway or to show off your home’s
unique features, the right siding can elevate your home to a whole new status.
Choosing to change the exterior siding of your house opens up plenty of opportunities.
Prefinished wood siding is attractive, easy to install and comes in a wide range of colors.
2. Fiber Cement Siding
When you select fiber cement siding as your exterior siding, you’ll have to weigh the following:
When comparing engineered wood and fiber cement, there's no question that fiber
cement siding is the more durable, longer-lasting product.
is also a superior material in terms of maintenance.
Engineered wood exterior siding may need more touch-ups, caulking and repairs.
No matter what aesthetic design you select, know that choosing high-quality siding like
fiber cement will help you get the end result you’re after.

3. Fiber Cement Siding Advantages
The advantages of using fiber cement siding over using engineered wood siding or other kinds of
sidings are:
Highly cost effective;
Weather resistant;
Fire resistant;
Low maintenance.
4. Exterior Siding Unique Aesthetic Ideas
The following are 4 exterior siding options to consider as unique aesthetic ideas for your exterior
Siding installation doesn’t have to be in the standard horizontal format. Try installing
siding in different directions for an eye-catching look.
When you want something a little different than traditional lap siding, consider the beauty
of board and batten.
Add the illusion of height by starting your prefinished wood siding a few feet off the
ground and using a contrasting material along the base.

Emphasize the trim for:

o Sometimes it’s not the house siding that’s the main attraction, but the trim that
helps brings it all together.
o A heavy white trim can provide an excellent contrast to neutral-toned or painted
siding and give any exterior a fresh, updated look.

5. Exterior Siding Unique Colorful Ideas
The following are 4 exterior siding options to consider as unique colorful ideas for your exterior
 Sometimes it’s not enough to use simply two colors to bring a property to life. Colored
siding, along with stone can present a dynamic and impressive appearance.
 Bring visual interest by using both thinner plank siding and a more traditional siding width.
 Choose natural colors and highlight the beauty of the wood for:
o Your home won’t look like every other house in the neighborhood
o And you can have 15 careless years in maintenance.
 In addition to changing the direction of the exterior siding over the different areas of the
home, you can also change the type of siding by using board and batten in some
sections, mixed with traditional lap siding in others.

6. Work With Experts
If you have questions about the best exterior siding for your home or commercial building, seek
experts for:
Their team of friendly and highly professional representatives are happy to provide you
with the information you need.
Some with nearly and others with more than 40 years of experience in exterior siding
services industry, these exterior siding experts can help you move forward with the best
possible solution for your home.
If you’re looking to make an investment in the exterior of your home, contact
these exterior siding experts to find out more about their exterior siding options.
 Beautiful exterior siding starts by choosing the right siding so ask them what is the right
siding, how to do the right siding: a step-by-step guide, how to do the right siding today,
what are the benefits of getting the right siding, and how to do the right siding like a pro!
Ultimately, the appropriate cladding material to use depends on the orientation of your building and
surrounding environment, whether it’s located in the city, beach, and the façade itself. Speaking to an
architect and designer will play an important role in correct material selection as they’ll know the
constraints of the materials and requirements.
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Source: https://siparila.com/unique-ideas-for-your-exterior-siding/