Building your dream house is the most important step in your life and the more inviting this house is, the more appealing it will be and the more expressive of what you really are. As thus, building the perfect facade for your home is the most important element of the home that deserves careful attention and consideration.

The importance of building the perfect facade for your home lies in the fact of its being the first thing that greets you when you return home after a busy day and the most important aspect of your house that leaves a lasting impression on your guests and visitors, for it is the part of your house that they personalize you with and get highly inspired with.

Aside from playing an important role, setting the overall tone for the style and personality of the home; that will further reveal itself once you step inside, this perfect facade has to be one that speaks volumes of your unique sense of style. In conjunction, geometric patterns play a big role in the optical illusions of walls and partitions. Regardless of its decorative virtues, wall cladding is an efficient resource to create perspective and increase the feeling of distance, as well as to create a very interesting surreal volume. Wall cladding is a non-load bearing layer attached to the outside of your home, designed to shed water and protect your facade from the effects of weather. It’s cost- effective and attractive, adding a traditional “homestead” or “hamptons” look to your home.

Aside from the other elements that you have to take into consideration when building your perfect facade like roof tiles and fabrications that will protect your home from rain and redirect it away from the structure of your home and feature wall lights that will add to the ambience and overall aesthetics of the home, you have to consider the following as essential in your home cladding:

Render: Render is a cement or acrylic material available in a variety of colors which is applied to the exterior surface of the home, creating a modern and finished look.
Front entry door: Forming the entrance to the home, the design, color and materials used in the front entry door will play an important role adding to the character and curb appeal of the home.
Garage door: Because of its size, the garage door is a prominent element of the façade and should be chosen to compliment the other colors, materials and finishes used throughout the façade.
Window frame: Window frames can add contrast and definition to the façade by offsetting your nominated color scheme to add some extra personality.
Cladding comes in a wide range of colors, thicknesses, materials, and designs, so you can choose what texture is right for your home as a whole. With modern wall cladding, one can create surfaces full of optical sensations and inspirational images. These materials go beyond their functional mission and bring about a new way of looking at walls and ceilings. They are like enveloping skins that can be used on their own or blended stylishly.

As thus, wall cladding is also rewarding for the interior of your house creating a dialog in the rooms they inhabit. They conquer unusual surfaces, and bring life in the form of rich color and texture combinations inviting touch. With them, contemporary homes have found new aesthetical horizons in decoration.

Also to note here that paint is becoming more artistic, thanks to products with textures that fill the surfaces with life and light, making use of their relief. So a combination of wallpaper with embossed textures in subtle metal nuances, light woods and traditional-effect paint can make your home a wholesome of an ambiance.

Designed with realist and natural motifs, these modern wall claddings are not just a discovery in lounges and bedrooms. These claddings are also admired in high ceilings, to bring them back to life, transforming them into subtle landscapes that pay homage to nature. However, because wood-based and other material engineered cladding’s core material is wood, it is still susceptible to many of the same risks like water damage, chipping, flammability and sun damage. Fiber cement cladding is the more durable, longer- lasting product and has the same durability as brick or stone. And just as with a brick or stone home, fiber cement cladding should last for the life of your home. Why don’t you favor OBRAS INTERNATIONAL to ensure a complete service package in a ventilated façade system in wood and fiber cement cladding. Their products have defied intense heat, humidity and dry desert weather, as well as high-density snow and rainy areas in the mountains and their group of ace specialists BuildhinasgatnhoetewPoertrhfyevcistioFnac…

for craftsmanship and style that works perfectly when joined with the study plans. They propose plans, supply material, assist technically, supervise the work, and guarantee a quality finish.