There are innovative inventions in the construction industry today that makes establishments and buildings sturdier and securer. Lately, there are several materials that are emerging in cladding, like plastic, wood, metal, and imitation stone. As one of the leading cladding suppliers in the UAE, we, Obras International, know that cladding is already a popular application in the market – and we take pride in giving this kind supply to those who need it.

Cladding, in its sense, is a complicated process but it’s worth it because for some reason, the quality and functionality of an establishment increase when cladding is applied to it.

But allow us to explain why cladding should be added in your cladding projects.

Cladding is the best way for you to safeguard your building. It gives protection and additional strength. It makes the establishment resistant to water, climate change, cracks, pollution, and other damages and risks possible.

There are many ways on how you can apply cladding to your establishment and there are also various materials used, too, like metal, stone, wood – that is going to make your establishment look better.

Low Maintenance
Cladding requires little maintenance – repairing or cleaning. The resilience and stability of the cladding materials will need you to do less upkeep; leaving your exterior clean and fresh almost all of the time.

Cladding gives you insulation – heat and sound – in the subtlest of ways. The protection layers are going to prevent unnecessary noise and extreme heat from coming through your building.

Clearly, there are advantages of applying cladding in your home. As a prominent wall cladding supplier in UAE, we are more than willing to actually help you in installing it to your residential or commercial place.

We, Obras International, are always ready to help you out. We provide solutions for internal and external designs using high-quality products. If you want to make your home look and feel vibrant, we’re just one call away – were always ready to heed your requirements and demands. We are going to make sure that your cladding will be applied appropriately and your structure will be safe from any unforeseen damages.